The Inextricable Destiny (2023)


He Jiu Ling, the lively and mischievous eighteen-year-old daughter of a revered and powerful general, finds herself in a bewildering predicament. Her life has been dedicated to the study of martial arts, celebrating strength and valor. However, her world is turned upside down when her family arranges her marriage to Rong Yu, the heir to the esteemed Jialin National Astrology Hall. Rong Yu couldn’t be more different from He Jiu Ling. He is a soft-spoken, compassionate, highly educated, and academically inclined individual who abhors physical confrontation. The prospect of marrying what she perceives as a ‘wimp’ leaves He Jiu Ling aghast. Determined to thwart this arrangement, she devises a plan to sabotage the impending wedding. But her carefully laid out scheme takes an unforeseen turn when a “poison” she intends to use to manipulate Rong Yu’s mind goes awry, creating unexpected consequences. Now, He Jiu Ling faces a dilemma. Will this unlikely pair go through with the marriage, and could their chaotic circumstances unexpectedly lead to a blossoming romance? (Source : MyDramaList)

Director: Li Xiao Jiang

Also known as: Xiang Si Gu Li Jin Xiang Si 相思蠱裡燼相思 相思蛊里烬相思 Acacia Jin Xiang Si 燼相思


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

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