Surviving Beauty (2024)


Fate leads her to meet two men: one, a handsome young man; the other as evil as a demon prince. The two help her fight against danger. In the end, who will win her heart? Choenkhwan has the same fate as Miss. Cinderella who had both an evil stepmother and jealous older sister waiting to snatch what rightfully belongs to her. She has to flee to Phaya Lo mountain to escape being duped into a marriage and set up for the murder of the groom. To ask for aid, she intends to run to wealthy landowner Chalebutr, the older brother of a friend who’d fallen for her before they’d ever met, but mistakenly meets another wealthy man, Khetkham, handsome and cool but rutheless. Choenkhwan’s princess-like beauty reignites the flames of love and resentment between the two eternal enemies, Khetkham and Chalebutr.

Director: Aun Kornpoj Suebchompoo

Also known as: Indifferent Love Waowon Rak


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:

Genres: ,

Starring: , , , , ,

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