Famous Singers and Street Judges (2024)


Following the conclusion of “Singer Again Season 3” on January 18th, this new variety show features the top 7 emerging artists from the competition along with MCs Lee Seung Gi and Kyu Hyun. They will leave the confines of the competition venue to tour the country, engaging in a novel road busking music show with a panel of street judges from various genders and generations. The program promises a fresh format where the top 7 artists will wander the streets, selecting their own panel of street judges to evaluate their busking battles. This initiative allows the top 7 from “Singer Again Season 3” to directly interact with the public in a new setting. JTBC anticipates that the busking stages, which facilitate close communication with audiences, will reveal a different side of the seven famous singers compared to their performances on the “Singer Again Season 3” stage. The network also expects the proven chemistry between MCs Lee Seung Gi and Kyu Hyun, known for their success in previous “Singer Again” seasons, to enhance the entertainment value of the show by maximizing the newcomers’ potential.

Also known as: Yumyeonggasuwa Gilgeori Simsadan


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